Merlot Barrique 2013 Grand Reserve / Vintage 2013 * Collectible Wine
Price: 70.00 BGN / 35.79 EUR for a bottle Box - 210,00 BGN
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Minimal quantity - 1 box / 3 bottles.

Merlot Barrique 2013 Grand Reserve

Collectible Wine

A wine of dark purple colour, a multi-layer bouquet of fine fragrances of chocolate, black currants, dark cherry, cigars, leather, mocha and sweet oriental spices. The wine is with exceptional flavour concentration, soft but with enough volume to take up what fees like your entire mouth, and with powerful body. In terms of flavour and aroma, oak is pleasantly felt. Well balanced acids, intensive memorable flavour and long finish. Very serious wine.

Alc. 14% By VOL. / 750 ml